I want to create an installation where the visitors register at the entrance, here they will be told about what to do in the exhibition room (but not what will happen).

Out of their name i get Image  information: (maybe by letting them fill a psychological test, google search or social media) This information (in form of digital pictures) will be uploaded into cards that are inside card readers tied to a strap that the Visitors wear around their waists.


With their straps they enter the exhibition  space where 9 cables are hanging from the ceiling, they are supposed to connect the straps to one of those cables. This cables connect the card readers to a computer where the image information is processed and exported to 4 (or 5) projectors that project the 4 sides of the exhibition space ( and maybe the floor).


If more people connect at the same time, the feed of images is altered thus the projection will also change



The process in the computer

The images are processed in two ways creating a final output that is split (via MSP Jitter) into 4 (or5) different channels that are projected into the room.


1.An algorithm (deep dream?? or such) creates a mesh out of every image that its fed to it (if a person connects or disconnect the Mesh will recalibrate), this mesh will be the texture that the final render will carry.

2. The same images will be scanned and subtracted into their amount of ++RGB Pixels ++ amount of stuff in der nähe voneinander+++ amount of proximity between bodies++ basic reduction to greyscales++ ,

this numbers will set the parameters straight for a code of emergent architecture (MSP Jitter to Grasshopper).


The Texture will be applied to the form and both will be rendered in a continuous flow (video of the architecture emerging with the texture attached to it.