land•is•land - fugeland is a site specific artistic research project situated at the danube island in Vienna.
We started with an idea. IS•OLATED from the land we wanted to work with.



Between water and land, F. Island’s clay appeared as a border. On it, various remains emerged: humans’ and birds footsprints, biomass, and trash. Land, separated by a line drawn by humans. Made of soil the line ap- pears as a border, separating land&land - a borderland, a crossroad.


Zooming into a sample of land, F. Island reveals structures we can also find on a bigger scale in nature. Zooming out reveals the pieces by which it is composed.
Zooming out could reveal a forest of other lands, we humans can not percieve.
Zooming out this could be the opaque network of all living beings on earth.


With and in•land•is land we travelled across these scales.


F. Island told various stories.
We sensed them through the lenses of the #chemical; the #cultural; the #mystical and the #material. We retold the stories to translate the island into a mobile model/blueprint/metaphor.
We dived and emerged at the step of yet an(other) artificial island. F. island became f. land.




To engage the audience with our findings and gathered data we made an interactive installation and developed a game with simple rules for the visitors to play. WE LOST


FOTOCREDITS: Roozbeh Golami